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Racing Club reform for the Copa America 2020!


An announcement that is not just any announcement: on Tuesday, June 18, the most important building work since the foundation of the stadium started in the Cylinder. The project, which must be framed in the institutional decision of Racing to value its assets, has been working within the Board of Directors with the objective of deepening the path of growth in which the Academy submerged since Victor Blanco assumed the presidency in October 2013. Extending the useful life of all the fundamental structures is the great purpose of the architectural modernization enterprise.

In the beginning of 2019, the MSGSSS studies (architects Manteola, Sánchez, Gómez, Sallaberry and Solzona), Urban Office (architects Converti and De Marco) and GBD (Global Business Developer) (architect Javier Jofre) completed an analysis whose result was the need to perform a stage priority of essential improvements. From the meeting before Godoy Cruz of the last tournament, various technical studies were carried out in the headers and surveys in all sectors of the stadium in order to define the scope of the project. On that route, scaffolding were placed in different areas of the court and preventive tasks were developed to avoid the landslides of the masonry.

On Tuesday, June 18, the stage that includes the revision and repair of the 15,000 square meter concrete pathologies of stands - the stalls, the popular ones of the low tray and the high tray -, the reconstitution of more began seven kilometers of expansion joints, the adaptation of 400 meters of storm drain systems and the construction of a medium voltage electrical substation on the Corbatta passage - to make consumption more efficient and to have a direct connection with Edesur.

Niro Construcciones S.A. A company with a lot of experience in sports projects - the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, the Boca Training Sports Center in Ezeiza and the control tower of the Ezeiza airport - will be in charge of the work. In addition, Weber, Protex and Sinteplast, leading companies in construction materials, decided to accompany Racing in this management. The process will take about five months and will include a powerful work logistics with more than 100 workers assigned to the tasks with the objective of minimally interfering with the daily activity of the club.

Racing will finance everything with its own resources in a new sample of the economic solidity that characterizes this great moment that the institution is going through. It will be essential that future management committees undertake to carry out annual maintenance work to ensure the efficiency of the work and its long-term sustainability. Looking ahead, the Infrastructure Department is also evaluating potential improvements in different sectors of the Cylinder because this step is only the first of those that the Academy has in mind to take to be bigger every day.

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